Damn You, DateTime

So, yesterday (Sunday) I had a phone call, it was from the on call dev. There was a problem with some code I’ve written. Since midnight on the 31st August these crons that run every hour were erroring. Something about September reporting as October… weird. More

Maybe PHP Needs a Brother, SPHP

So, I’ve been trying my best recently to keep up to date with “the community” and it’s often… how do I put this; NUTS! I’m subscribe to the PHP internals mailing list, and though it is very interesting and I love knowing what’s going on, these guys can get rude. To me, it seems that PHP is at a cross roads and some REALLY big decisions are needing to be made. More

Anonymous Web Proxy With Squid on Ubuntu

The Problem

I was doing a little bit of testing on a web app earlier today and I wanted to be able to switch my IP easily. I’d never used a web proxy before, I’ve never had the need to. First I found some free proxy listings on sites like HIDE MY ASS, these give you an IP address and port to connect to from your browser. This did the trick but I felt a little vulnerable going through some random proxy. This wasn’t the solution for me. More