Learn Everything All Of The Time. Right?

I learnt a lesson recently. I realised that I couldn’t learn everything all the time. Simple, right? Well as a developer, and as an individual in control of my own career I take pride in keeping up to date with the changes in the technologies I use and the tools around me. Over the past 6 months however I found I was wanting to do more and more, but as a result was doing less and less.

The mental list I keep was getting bigger and bigger. Come 10pm I would start thinking “so, what tonight?”. The majority of my time was taken up with a decision battle; blog post, talk idea, research, open source… It took a little while and some frustration to realise that I was trying to do too much, and had no plan to do any of it.

Now I have a list of what I want to do. I even prioritise that list. Some things can be done over longer periods of time (like learning C++), and others will be the next immediate thing I do, like writing a quick post about prioritise my todo list. This small amount of planning has helped me see results from the areas I want to research and discover, and has helped me in my work. This is a simple lesson I want to remind myself about from time to time, and the list is one that I will continually refine.