Driving Change In A New Company

Change in an ever evolving environment is crucial. Stay still for too long and the competition will have moved too far too fast for you to keep up. One of the primary focuses of my role is driving change. This change impacts a whole technical department and spans process change through to culture change. As time goes by initiating change becomes easier but this wasn’t always the case. More

Damn You, DateTime

So, yesterday (Sunday) I had a phone call, it was from the on call dev. There was a problem with some code I’ve written. Since midnight on the 31st August these crons that run every hour were erroring. Something about September reporting as October… weird. More

Learn Everything All Of The Time. Right?

I learnt a lesson recently. I realised that I couldn’t learn everything all the time. Simple, right? Well as a developer, and as an individual in control of my own career I take pride in keeping up to date with the changes in the technologies I use and the tools around me. Over the past 6 months however I found I was wanting to do more and more, but as a result was doing less and less. More